The Dog Nail Grinder as Seen on TV

by dognailgrinder on March 26, 2009

Most pet owners are familiar with the popular Peticure Power Professional Pet Nail Trimmer. This is commonly referred to as the "dog nail grinder as seen on tv." This is because they have a commercial that almost everyone across the nation has seen.

What Peticure Owners Rave About the Most

There are other popular brands of dog nail grinders on the market but after doing some research, it seems the Peticure nail trimmer wins the most votes in terms of ease of use and safety. Most dog nail grinders do not have caps or covers the way the Peticure does. In fact, the cover is what many Peticure owners love because it collects the nail dust and prevents long hair or fur from being caught into the grinder.

After watching it, I'm sure you were convinced that a dog nail grinder is the way to go when trimming your cat or dog's nails. The conventional way of trimming their nails with metal clippers is not only obsolete, it is one of the most painful things your pet will endure when done improperly. Your pet should not bleed after having their nails trimmed and it happens all too often at the hands of pet groomers or as mistakes by pet owners.

While trimming your dog's nail seems like a trivial thing, it can have a deep impact on them and they will eventually hate having it done. Thanks to nail grinders like the Peticure, your dog will not flinch or run away when it comes time for grooming his nails.

I have yet to see other commercials for dog nail grinders so when searching for "dog nail grinder as seen on tv," chances are you are searching for the Peticure Power Professional Pet Nail Trimmer.

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