Best Dog Nail Grinders Reviews in 2020



By Shane

It’s tricky to grind dog’s nails and especially when they are hyperactive!

Don’t you think it’s daunting and tiresome job?

If your stray is becoming a nuisance, while you are performing this essential duty, do not wonder! Please expect it to behave in that way because it’s painful and may leave your pup’s cuticles stained in blood after the activity has been performed.

Hence, you need to find a smart solution for it.

Well, nothing, but a dog nail grinder will suit you as well as your hound’s requirement to the utmost.

What is a Dog Nail Grinder?

I am sure, all of you must be using nail cutters that are designed to cut human nails. In the same way, we need nail trimmers for our pups that are specifically designed for their claws.

The point is that you cannot let your dog’s nails grow bigger as it is unhygienic, and at the same time you have to make it a quick and painless activity for them.

Therefore, “dremels” or “nail grinders for dogs” can be used as it safely cuts their nails at a great speed without hurting their cuticles. These nail cutters comprise of rounded grinders that have been created out of a material very similar to a sandpaper; hence, a go-quick nail grooming tool is what you need to make it an easy and quick job.

The great thing is that it is no hassle to search for these commodities in the market as you can find many of them online.

Why Use Dog Claw Grinders?

If this is the question pinning your mind then let’s discuss it further

  • Offers better precision to cut their nails. These are easy to use and the claws can be quickly sorted out when you are cuddling your pet and settle them with you on your seat. It’s just the best way to get the work done without harming them.
  • The special clipping ability of the trimmers helps to cut the nails without hurting their cuticles.
  • Offer smooth nails with cleaner edges
    Overall, grinder for dog nails is an affordable and amazing alternative for offering a painless claw trimming experience to your darling pet.

Below is a list and reviews of the 7 best dog nail grinders that can be availed online at amazing prices.

#1. Dremel 7300-PT 4.8V Pet Nail Grooming Tool

Dremel 7300-PT 4.8V Pet Nail Grooming Tool

When you are looking for an easy alternative to clipping, this nail Dremel for dogs is just what you must buy today. Its features comprise of:

  • A rotary tool along with two speeds (6,500 and 13000 RPM) that makes nail trimming an easy job. Also, the speed feature allows cutting of the nails in stages that make it pretty convenient for both the master and the pet.
  • It’s cordless, so you are free from handling the wires while chasing your stray. It’s a cost-effective product that is as easy to use. For me a deal that offers value for money.
  • It’s rechargeable too, so get it quickly charged when the battery is low instead of replacing a battery. Backed by a 755-01 4.8V battery, it comes along with a 3-hour battery charger.
  • A warranty of two years on a product is an add-on.

#2. Furminator Nail Grinder Professional Grooming Tool for Pets

Furminator Nail Grinder Professional Grooming Tool for Pets

If you are not having a high budget, this one will suit your need well. Available at a discount of 50% in Amazon, this pet nail grinder can be purchased at a great price of $11.29. Isn’t it cool?

Above all, it is a lightweight product that ensures high-performance. The inclusion of LED lights in it offers better visibility to the user and helps them to do the nail clipping job safely. It also offers the freedom to the master to maximize control. The company also provides two replaceable trimming bands along with a 4 AA alkaline battery with this pack.

Overall, a deal worth grabbing. Buy it today as the offer is available for a limited period.

#3. Hertzko Electric Pet Nail Grinder for Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, and Birds

Hertzko Electric Pet Nail Grinder for Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, and Birds

If you are a pet lover and have many of them in your home, this is just what you need. No matter whether you own a dog, cat, rabbit or a bird, you can use this single product on every pet in your home.

For me, this is one of the best dog nail grinders available in the market because it has been designed such that the trimming job can be managed according to the size of the pet. Its feature of three size openings allows to adjust it according to the nail’s size of the pet. Also, it consists of a super mute motor that produces very low noise while clipping the talons.

It is easy to use and clean and is rechargeable. Get this portable device with a USB wire (designed for your convenience) at a commendable price

#4. Oster Gentle Paws Premium Nail Grinder for Dogs and Cats

Oster Gentle Paws Premium Nail Grinder for Dogs and Cats

This dog nail trimmer is one of the latest additions to the product line that has been designed for meeting the special care standards of the master. Below are the highlights of the trimmer:

  • It has a rotary tool that is noise-free and a safety guard that ensures that your pet’s nails get right cutting edge without being hurt.
  • Its 2-speed design offers complete freedom to the master to adjust the trimmer’s speed according to his/her convenience.
  • A coarse stone, 2 coarse bands and a fine band is inclusive with the product’s pack and is a real treat to pet lovers.

#5.Dremel Pawcontrol 7760-PGK Cordless Pet Nail Grinder ​

Dremel Pawcontrol 7760-PGK Cordless Pet Nail Grinder

If you are looking for something that looks like a conventional dog nail groomer, yet has modern features then this one must be your ultimate choice. The product features:

  • It is a light weight with cordless design & soft grip material will boost your confidence.  
  • Amazing rechargeable Battery – Inside 4 volts lithium-ion battery with USB charger.
  • It comes with an amazing function variable speed slide, Easy to control grooming speed.  
  • Gave you multiple grooming options with 9 piece grooming accessory set with 2 years manufacturer warranty.

#6. URPOWER Rechargeable Pet Nail Grinder

I personally give a 5 star to this puppy nail grinder because:

  • It has an amazing feature of getting recharged by USB with an indicator light. So once, the recharging is done, it is good to go for 3 long hours.
  • It comprises of a diamond bit grinder that is safe, and effective to use
    Powerful enough to trim the nails. 
  • Designed to use for several years to come as it is durable and will not need a replacement for many years in the future.
  • It consists of a super mute motor and a brass shaft that is adept to cutting the thin nail layers with light sound.
  • The three port technology makes it usable for the pets of every size, and age. Whether you own a cat, a dog or any other pet of small or medium size, this popular dog toe nail grinder is just what you need to accommodate in your house.

#7. Safari 770045 Professional Nail Trimmer

Safari 770045 Professional Nail Trimmer

Hunting for a reliable pet nail trimmer can be challenging because it has to be a right product as any wrong one can ruin your dog’s mood. So looking for the one that is gentle on your dog’s nails must be your prior concern. I recommend Safari’s 770045 because of the ease associated with its use. It features:

  • Stainless steel toenail clippers for easy grip and easy handling.
  • Available in three sizes – small-medium, standard, and large.
  • Safari is a trusted brand and the name itself speaks about the quality of the product.
  • Suitable for medium and large sized pets

There are many other brands in the market and you can always check online what seems a good option for you. You can then pick one of the professional dog nail clippers after going through dog nail grinder reviews online.