Dog Nail Grinder VS Clipper: Which Should You Choose For Trimming?

Dog Nail Grinder VS Clipper

Those long spiky talons of your dear pet hound is an indication that it’s time to treat them with a nail grooming tool. So if you want to do it on your own, you need to choose among a dog nail grinder vs. clipper.

Whatever you buy, one thing is sure that both of these tools will perform the desired job with precision. Still, there are differences among both these gadgets.

Especially, when you want to try it at home, you are inevitably going to have a hard time to make a selection among both of these tools. Your mind may get confused to make out which one is better among a dog nail clipper and a grinder.

We will discuss in this article, the pros and cons of grinders and clippers to make the selection process easier for you.

I am certain, after going through this article, the constant fight that is going on in your mind regarding what to buy among dog nail grinders or clippers will get somehow solved.


Dog Nail Clippers

When it comes to the types of nail clippers, you will find a plethora of variety in the market. Though, these are mainly found in two kinds with design variations. Let’s have a brief discussion about the types of nail clippers.

Guillotine Nail Clippers – These are pretty common ones and a lot of pet owners rely on these clippers. These are easy to use and affordable too. Just place your dog’s nail between the hole and press the handle. This let the blade slice off the excess nail through the hole without hurting the quick. It’s that simple.

This kind of nail clipper is suitable for small puppies or medium-sized pooch as its built is not strong enough to manage bigger and sharper nails. Also, it is important to replace the blade from time to time as the sharpness of the blades recedes with time.

Scissor Clippers – Yes! You guessed it right. Just like scissors, you need to place the nails of the dog at the blade’s edge for trimming. These are of the traditional variety that has been in existence for several decades. My grandfather always preferred this one for clipping the nails of Rancho, my pet dog.

These are not easy to use, if your dog keeps on making movement while clipping. You need to use it with caution. It makes a great alternative for large strays.

A dog nail clipper is a viable solution for all those owners who want to spend less and prefer handy manual devices to electronic grinders.

Pros of Dog Nail Clippers

Handy – These are handy little tools that are easy to use and store. You can even carry it when going for an outing with your dog. Performing the job in a park is a great decision as your pup feels happier when out.

Quick – It can quickly cut the nails without much hassle

Quiet – Unlike grinders, these make no sound while trimming nails.

Affordable – These are not very expensive and within the budget of most of the masters. You can find them in physical as well as online stores. Though, it is recommended to buy a high-end product for it will last longer. It will cost you just a few bucks more than the cheaper ones.

Power efficient – With a dog nail grinder, you don’t need to spend on battery or electricity after its use because these are manual ones.


It may hurt – If you do not use these with care, you can hurt your pup’s cuticles resulting in bleeding. Remember that these little creatures are very smart. Once, they discover that the tool hurts, they will get restless every time you try to cut their nails again. Also, the pinchy feeling it offers a pet while functioning can cause discomfort to the pups.

Cracking of nails – At times it may not perform the job as desired and result in the breakage of nails. It makes the job of the master tough.

Not a great alternative for thick nails

Dog Nail Grinders

Grinders are battery operated and have a rotating tool at the top for grinding the doggy’s nails. The rotation tool is made of a rough material that appears like sandpaper. These work differently and grinds the nails through friction rather than clipping.


Easy to manage – It’s easy to manage because it works smoothly by offering the cleaner edges to the cuticles. If you had a hard time clipping your cur’s nails with clippers, it is worth a try.

Smooth edges – As already mentioned, it grooms the nails well by offering smooth edges to the cuticles. As these assay your pup with round edges, you can be at peace as they won’t spoil your carpets and mats while playing and snagging over them.

Good for thick as well as thin nails – It works equally well on all the dogs irrespective of their age, height, and thickness of the nails.


Noisy – A dog nail grinder makes a lot of sound while in operation. It sometimes scares the little pups.

It may hurt – In spite of being a safer alternative to a dog nail clipper, it may still cut their nail quick.

Create dust – As it is a tool used for grinding, it causes a lot of dust while performing the action. It can cause a problem for people allergic to dust and also affects the environment. It is recommended to use nose and eye mask for protecting these sense organs.

What to Buy - Dog Nail Grinders or Clippers?

Honestly speaking, both the tools are useful and serve the purpose according to the different requirements of the users. Here I share the list of top dog nail grinders online.

Your prime choice must be to pick a product that keeps your dog at peace and ease. By having the right knowledge about the related pros and cons, you can actually make a sound decision. It is important to consider your pet’s comfort and then make a choice.

Still perplexed! What to choose among dog nail grinder vs. clipper? Give it a second read for better clarity.